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What Drivers are Saying

Jim Moore, Trk# L002

“If you want the best, leave the rest. Go AAT!”

Barry & Anita Smith, Trk# 153D

“Seven years in, no intention of leaving. AAT = great people, great pay, great miles!!”

Doug & Jackie McElwain, Trk# 145D

“Here at AAT CARRIERS we are a Family. So if you like family atmosphere then this is the place for you; the company who cares about their family.”

Alan & Linda Wilson, Trk# 146D

Best job we ever had. Make more money here than we ever have. Good working conditions. Not pushed if have problems. Great family oriented company. The best all round!”

Sal & Debbie Levatino, Trk# 162

Employees who believe that management is concerned about them as a whole person – not just an employee – are more productive, more satisfied, and more fulfilled. That’s why we believe AAT CARRIERS is “A great place for great people to do great work.”

Steve & Angela Kennerson, Trk# 144D

“AAT is One of The Best Companies in The Transportation Industry; You’re Treated with Respect and As An Individual, Not A Number.

You Want Excellence, You Want Miles, You Want Great Equipment, You Want Great Pay & Benefits: Drive for Access America Transport; It’s The Place To Be!!”

Ken & LeLon Vardeman, Trk# 142D

“AAT Carriers is the most wonderful company to work for, and that we have ever worked for! They are fair and stand behind the drivers and what they say when they tell you something. It is the most family oriented company which is why we keep staying and working! If there is ever a family emergency they help you, and make sure they do everything they can to get you where you need to be as soon as they can!!  I can’t say enough about the wonderful people we work for!!”

Anthony & Pebbles Cutler, Truck 197

“My husband and I came to AAT 4 yrs ago. We had only worked for a smaller company once before and weren’t pleased, so we left. We’ve worked for the larger companies and you truly are a number there. We really had no expectations coming here just looking for a change from the bigger companies and hoping. We came and were welcomed with open arms.  They stand behind their word of being family.  We get home when we ask to be there. We are well compensated for moving freight with bonuses and extras. We know all the drivers and we call each other.  The open-door policy of the “Bosses” is real. You can call them at any time and we have. They know your name and who you are. They have been there for us in time of need and they call us too. This company is Amazing and we are now spoiled as drivers. I can’t imagine working anywhere else and I’m pretty sure we’ll be here a very long time.”

Tim Howe, Truck L009

“AAT is the place for me!”

Alan & Judy Kay, Trk# 155D

“This is the best trucking company we’ve ever worked with and we are staying until we retire! Our dispatch and customer service is second to none. We are constantly getting compliments from our customers about how reliable and easy to work with our staff is.”

Alan & Linda Wilson, Trk# 146D

“Great home time. Best family oriented company I have ever worked for.”

Robin & Kathy Mills, Trk# 148D

“If it’s broke they fix it. If you need it they get it to you. If there’s a problem they handle it. And your pay is ALWAYS right. We love it!”

Alan & Renee Craig, Formerly Trk# 514 0/0, Presently Local drivers Trk# 124 

“AAT Carriers is a great company to work for!! AAT Carriers is very family oriented; I don’t know how many times I’ve heard family comes first from Chattanooga Tennessee and Jasper Alabama. GREAT BUNCH OF PEOPLE TO WORK FOR!!!  I don’t think you could find any better!!!”

Bob & Pam Young, Trk# 141D

“We didn’t know what a really great company we would be working with when we were first hired. It is wonderful to be a person, not a number because of its close-knit community. A team from another company said that if their company functioned like AAT, they would have a great company. AAT is a great company that is precision at its best.  Dispatch is second to none. We aren’t left guessing about our loads or where to find an empty trailer. Trust—we can trust AAT. They don’t try to cut our pay or cheat us out of what is due us. We are thankful to be working with the staff of AAT.”

David Tracy, Trk# 158D

“I’ve been driving for 25 years. In those years, I’ve worked for several carriers. Not one of those companies could give me the miles I wanted until I came to AAT.

When we go home, AAT never bothers us about anything. They allow us to just enjoy our family.

In the past, I felt more like meat in the seat. At AAT, I feel like I’m part of a family. We’ve gotten calls from management just to see how we’re doing.

AAT’s equipment is top shelf, but like anything mechanical, it does break down. When this happens, the support staff works really hard to get us back on the road.

One of the best things about driving for AAT are the customers. We don’t deal with impolite, unprofessional people at our customers. They’re usually happy to see us and load/unload us as quickly as possible. This is one of the reasons our miles are so high with AAT.

If you want to know you’re part of a team and that your ideas and suggestions will be heard, instead of being blown off, then AAT is where you want to drive.”

Joel & Theresa Truesdell, Trk# 525A

“Having been with a few companies over the past 25 years, I can honestly say that this is by far the VERY BEST.  We are not a number, we are family.  We will retire from AAT Carriers…when that time comes, God willing.”

Kat Tracy, Trk# 158D

“Driving for AAT gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that I directly support our troops. We don’t just say we support our troops, we actively contribute to our military’s mission every day.

When life happens, AAT does their best to help you out. Whether that means getting you to a place other than your home for an important family happening or giving you an extra day at home when the plumbing goes on the fritz the night before you’re supposed to leave out, AAT has done everything they could to make it all come together.

I challenge any team out there to find a better starting pay & benefits package than AAT’s. The fact that AAT is willing to negotiate a starting pay & benefits package based on what a team brings to the table is virtually unheard of in the trucking industry. Even relatively inexperienced teams can begin working at a higher pay rate than I ever imagined I would ever make in my whole driving career. You can actually make what you’re worth at AAT.”