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AAT Carriers takes pride in what we are transporting by providing top of the line equipment.  We currently run 2013 Kenworth 660’s and 2012 48’ Sheet and Post Utility Trailers. At the close of the year of 2015, we will be replacing all of our trucks with new 2016 Kenworth 680’s, with our maintained schedule of truck replacement every 2-3 years. All hinges on each trailer are modified to meet all security requirements.

We have a stringent maintenance policy to ensure our equipment is safe and kept up to date.

We also run 48’ Drom Trains, which house 6 standard dromedaries. Each dromedary provides over 200 cubic feet of available space to transport up to 2 standard palletized skids. Providing this type of equipment allows for smaller shipments that need to be transported separately to move over the road safely and securely while adding a cost benefit with each dromedary shipment sharing a portion of the cost.


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What Our Clients Say

“My end-to-end experience with the staff and drivers from AAT Carriers was outstanding. From the initial planning stage thru formal customer review, followed by the execution of the cargo movement: from day of pickup to successful on-time delivery; and each of the daily status reports, everyone involved from the AAT team was very responsive, professional, and focused on addressing the unique transportation challenges posed by our project.  The AAT Carrier Team is without a doubt in my mind the absolute best at what they do and they consistently exceeded the expectations of our project level program management team and also impressed our DoD customer representatives with their can-do proactive approach and a successful on-time delivery.”

- James Cezo
Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training