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Dromedary Services

One type of equipment service AAT provides is dromedary services. The dimensions for our dromedaries are 93L x 58W x 64.5H, which allows for just over 200 cubic feet of available space. We provide this through our use of drom trains, which will house anywhere from 5-6 dromedaries per trailer.

Each dromedary will hold 2 standard palletized skids with a total weight of up to 5,000 lbs., or any mixture of cargo with said weight that will fit inside the dimensions there of. Utilizing our dromedary services at a discounted rate versus full truck load allow us to pass along greater savings to our valued customers.


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What Our Clients Say

“AAT Carriers is a professional and service oriented provider. AAT responded to our solicitation in a timely manner and when we received their quote, it was compliant and very competitively priced. Working with AAT on the program was a great experience!”

- Joseph E. Bednarek
Mission Systems and Training
Lockheed Martin